7th March 2007

Colonel Sanders Nightmare Tattoo

Pondering how someone came to the conclusion to have this tattooed on themselves has caused my brain to seize up. [via Booberry Alarmclock]

Colonel Sanders

There are currently 3 responses to “Colonel Sanders Nightmare Tattoo”

  1. 1 On March 7th, 2007, Humuhumu said:

    Celticky Tied Chicken! Creepy!

  2. 2 On March 7th, 2007, MrBaliHai said:

    Phnglui mglw’nafh Colonel Sanders R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhatgn!

  3. 3 On July 17th, 2008, blog.hanfordlemoore » Blog Archive » Col. Sander’s Paradox said:

    [...] PS Don’t forget my favorite tattoo. [...]