13th March 2007

The Hot New Calculator of 1971

1971 Sharp Calculator Commercial

Hang in there ’til the end. Whoa nelly! [via Vintage Ads]

There are currently 4 responses to “The Hot New Calculator of 1971”

  1. 1 On March 13th, 2007, Tiki-Kate said:

    Holy Crap! You can almost buy a brand new Dell computer for the same price.

  2. 2 On March 13th, 2007, Humuhumu said:

    I bought the server that Critiki ran on for years for about $300 — and that’s in 2002 dollars.

  3. 3 On March 14th, 2007, ChadSpacey said:

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  4. 4 On March 14th, 2007, Humu's Brother: Booby said:

    I looked up how much that’s worth in today’s dollars here:


    $342 in 1971 = 1509.8!!!!!