1st October 2007

Halloween’s around the corner …

Here’s one of my favorite Halloween memories of all time: the Halloween Toys R Us commercial. I love the moody music, the animation style, and the top-shelf voiceover. Watching it makes me feel like a kid again. I know it’s a blatant rip off of the It’s Halloween Charlie Brown! “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”* opening credits, which is even more of a favorite of mine … but I can’t find a clip of that on Youtube. Happy Halloween everybody!

*OMG I Got the title of the Charlie Brown special wrong. GREAT PUMPKIN WILL YOU FORGIVE ME? … I’m doomed …

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  1. 1 On October 3rd, 2007, Baked Pajamas said:

    Big Bird and Yoda have never looked more disturbing…But somehow, this commercial does bring out the kid in me. Great find. -Pete