31st October 2008

Street Fighter II Skeleton Sprites

Some people have too much time on their hands. But others are busy busy busy collecting together the electrocuted skeleton sprites from Street Fighter II. You know, when Blanka shocks them.
See if you can guess which skeleton goes with which SFII character, and post your guesses in the comments! Winners will get nothing.

Street Fighter II Skeletons

[Via Tiny Cartridge]

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31st October 2008

Halloween LEGO

Today Megan got me these amazing graveyard LEGO kits. The attention to detail and theming is incredible. These are official LEGO parts, and official LEGO kits, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it! I love the LEGO ghost, skeleton, and creepy crawlies. Have a great HALLOWEEN everybody!

Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO
Halloween LEGO

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28th October 2008

Ray Bradbury and The Prunes Of Tomorrow

I want one of those wrinkle computers.

Apparently this is the handy work of Stan Freberg. Is he doing the voiceover? [via Martin]

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15th October 2008

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy Comic

To tell you the truth, I’m a huge fan of awkwardly sincere music and artwork, especially when it’s bad. I lit up when I came across Cartoon Brew’s discovery of Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy. Man, even the name is klunky.

Most of strips have a gag in them that almost always fails to deliver, like these:

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy
Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy

While others just kinda play out incoherently:

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy
Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy

But my favorite moments in these strips are when the author clearly just gives up. In this strip, you can see the author clearly thought he had something with “snow bank”, but makes Chumpy mirror the author’s own ineptitude by simply declaring “I don’t understand it but …”

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy

And nothing screams “I don’t want to put any effort into my gag” than a word balloon full of “blah blah blah”s:

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy

Still, there’s something about this strip that just makes me smile when I read them. It kinda reminds me of my own short-lived comic strip, Nuknuk and Piney.

Check out the rest of the scans on Cartoon Brew.

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4th October 2008

The Most Magnificent Tattoo Ever

Yeah, yeah, yeah… this was everywhere a few months ago. But let’s look at it again!

Swayze tattoo

Why, yes, yes, that is exactly what you think it is. A tattoo on a man’s calf, of Patrick Swayze as a Chippendale’s dancer/centaur, on a field of purple haze-sky, with criss-crossed rainbows behind him.

There will never be another tattoo more majestic than this one (Move over Celtic Colonel Sanders tattoo, now there’s something surrealler). It’s really too good to be true. I think this picture should be displayed on your television set on Easter morning, a la the Yule Log. Enjoy.

[Don't miss the rest of this jaw-dropping celebrity tattoo gallery at Entertainment Weekly.]

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3rd October 2008

Seeder: Street Art in Lithuania

A graffiti artist named Morfai created this piece on a wall in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the day, it’s just a random spray of stars on a wall next to a statue of a farmer:

Seeder, by day

But at night, the farmer heads home for the day, spreading stars behind him:

Seeder, by night

I wasn’t able to track down the name of the artist who created the farmer, but I’d like to think he’d approve of Morfai’s embellishment.

[thanks to Trott]

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